Bilateral Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery at Aurora Clinics

Our patient in this video had a bilateral inverted nipple correction procedure here at Aurora Clinics performed by our surgical director, Adrian Richards.
We can hear the patient talking as the surgery is being performed as she is only under local anaesthetic for the whole operation. The patient discusses how she found out about Aurora, with her partner being the one to do the research into inverted nipple corrective surgery, as he was fed up of her complaining about her inverted nipples. She actually didn’t know you could get surgery to correct the issue of nipple inversion, so she was very pleased when she realised you could. She was also thrilled at only having to be under local anaesthetic as you can hear in the video, being under a general anaesthetic probably would have swayed her away from having the surgery.
Inverted nipple surgery is a relatively short procedure, usually taking approximately 20 minutes per nipple. It is a much more common problem than people think, with roughly ten percent of the UK population have one or two inverted nipples.