Bilateral Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

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This is a video of bilateral inverted nipple correction surgery. The video starts with Mr Richards starting on the right nipple, having already completed the left side. Both sides are grade three inverted nipples. The milk ducts are just as tight on the right as they were on the left. The patient is aware of all that is going on as she is awake, being under local anaesthetic.
The base of the nipple has a stitch put through it, so it can be pulled out into an everted position. The nipple is then drawn around, and the cut into gently, easing through the milk ducts so they are separated. All the milk ducts are carfully divided, so the nipple stays in an everted position post surgery.
Mr Richards then puts a cross stitch through the base of the nipple, which is absorbable and will dissolve over the course of the next two to three months. The only incision which has to be made is around the lower outer area of the nipple, so the scarring will be virtually invisible, unless you look at it up close and from a good angle. The nipple has a few nobbles on, which need to be smoothed away, so Mr Richards does this whilst explaining why the nobbles are there. They are there because the nipple, whn inverted has no friction on clothing, so the nipples won’t be smoothed out. Small nobbles can be smoothed off very easily, as Mr Richards demonstrates in the video.
Aggie, Mr Richards’ lead clinical nurse then explains the dressings that will be on, along with some aftercare advice for the patient, which is also good advice for other patients who may be watching.