Breast Augmentation using the OCEAN™ Technique correcting Tuberous Breasts

Aurora as part of The Private Clinic no longer offers the OCEAN™ Technique procedure.

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We begin the video with Mr. Richards introducing the procedure. Our patient is having a breast augmentation combined with an Areola Reduction which will make the OCEAN™ technique. The areolas are not actually too big, but slightly domed. The areola reduction will reduce the doming, and the tuberous breasts will be corrected with the enlargement.

Next Mr. Richards shows us his markings, the first of which is where the implant will sit. The implant chosen prior to surgery is 13.1cm in diameter. We see the shape of the implant drawn around the breast, highlighting where it will be positioned for the best placement and fit for our patient. Next we see the layer of skin around the nipple and areola be taken away, leaving the area clear for the incision to be made. The scar it will leave will be just around the areola which is where the ‘O’ part of OCEAN comes from.

After the incision is made the video continues with Mr. Richards releasing some bands within the breast which were constricting and causing the doming of the nipple. He tells us what he is doing as he does it before inserting the inflatable sizer to ensure the implant chosen will fit nicely into the pocket he has created.

The rest of the procedure is skipped over really, just showing the end results with the ‘O’ scar and fuller breast appearance.

Considering OCEAN™ Technique Surgery?

We no longer offer the OCEAN™ Technique procedure. Please see information above for Breast Enlargement or Breast Uplift procedures.