Breast Capsulectomy and Implant Replacement

Our patient in this video had a breast augmentation 30 years ago. Mr Richards feels the breasts and states they feel firm, and that have formed capsules around the implants. The old scars were more down the side of the breast, not as underneath as todays common practice. The first implant is removed as is the capsule. Mr Richards turns it inside out to show the full extent of the capsule. He then also shows the implant, which has a very thin shell,  which can be removed easily and inside it is a strange implant. It is not like ones we see usually by todays standards, it is like a bag, with some liquid or gel inside. There was no make or mark on the implant to work out its brand or maker.
The left side is removed still within its capsule as it is completely closed up. Mr Richards finishes the operation and compares the implants. He places the one that was free into a bowl of water to estimate its volume, which is a suspected 300cc. The one which is completely encapsulated is then cut open so we can see inside. Mr Richards sees that the implant is ruptured, which the ultrasound showed signs of, but he isn’t sure initially if the rupture was because he cut open the capsule. As we get further into the capsule, the origin of rupture is clearer, and we can confirm that the implant was indeed ruptured whilst still inside our patient. Finally Mr Richards squeezes the capsule close to the camera, to hear it crunch, and to emphasise how firm it is.