Breast Enlargement and Mastopexy (OCEAN™ Technique)

Aurora as part of The Private Clinic no longer offers the OCEAN™ breast enlargement technique.

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Here we have a surgery video of the OCEAN™ Technique, which is a type of breast enlargement, pioneered by Adrian Richards here at Aurora Clinics. The video begins with Mr Richards introducing the procedure, and what the patient will be having done during this surgery. Our patient has slightly tuberous breasts, and a low nipple position, with a mildly constricted base. Using the OCEAN™ Technique, Mr Richards will be enlarging the breasts, lifting the nipples, all using a peri-areola incision.

As the procedure gets under way, we are shown the markings, where bits will be removed, moved and stitched back together. The initial stages of the procedure are skipped, and we are now at the stage where the cavity for the implant has been made. Mr Richards then shows us up close and inside the cavity, using his forceps to pull on the muscle, which is very instrumental in a breast augmentation. It is important to know where the muscle is, as the implant can be placed above or below, and it has an impact on appearance, and recovery process.

Once we have been shown this, the inflatable sizer is then inserted, and inflated in the usual 50cc bursts. The patient requested 300cc implants, as she felt that it was a good fit for her during her sizing appointment. As they approach 300cc, Mr Richards believes that 300cc exactly will be perfect for the patient, so he will go with exactly that.

The rest of the side is skipped over, and we see the finished result on one side, sewn up and ready to begin the other side. We also skip over this part of the surgery, and literally see the end results, with elevated nipples and a good symmetry to the breasts.

The scars around the nipple will heal well, and can also be tattooed the colour of your areola to blend them in with your nipple and skin shades, so they are even less noticeable.

Considering OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement surgery?

We no longer offer the OCEAN™ breast enlargement technique. Please see information above for Breast Enlargement and Breast Uplift procedures.

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