Breast Enlargement, Uplift and Areola Reduction Surgery – OCEAN™ Technique

Aurora as part of The Private Clinic no longer offers the OCEAN™ breast enlargement technique.

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In this video, we have a patient who has come in for a breast enlargement procedure. She is combining this with an areola reduction and a nipple lift. The implant will be inserted through the outer area of the areola. This is a new procedure for Aurora Clinics, pioneered by our very own, Mr Richards. He calls it, the OCEAN™ technique. The word OCEAN™ stands for –  “O” scar, Combined, Enlargement, Areola reduction and Nipple Lift.
As we begin the surgery, we see the markings on the patient. The inner circle will be the final size of the areola, and the outer circle will be areas of skin to remove, and the insertion site of the implant.
We skip to the next clip where layer of skin has been removed, and the pocket for the implant has been made. The inflatable sizer is then used to test the size that will best suit the patient.They initially go up past 270cc, but then come back down as they know our patient is a runner, and too big will cause problems for her.
Mr Richards has finished the right breast, bar the layers of surgical glue to seal the wound. He then measures the areola to see how well he stuck to his markings. It is 4cm by 4cm, so a good, round, smaller result for the areola. Mr Richards then measures the other areola, and it is 6cm by 6.5cm.
We skip this breast as it is much of the same as the other side. We see the end results, with our patient having a much fuller and better shape to her bust. The tape, is different to the regular tape we use for the wounds, as our patient has an allergy to it. You can see surrounding the area on our patient’s skin, the red and inflamed areas from where the surgical sheets were stuck down.

Considering OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement surgery?

We no longer offer the OCEAN™ breast enlargement technique. Please see information above for Breast Enlargement and Breast Uplift procedures.

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