Breast Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery

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This video shows a breast implant removal surgery, combined with a breast uplift, otherwise known as a Mastopexy. Our patient had a vertical scar mastopexy a few years ago when she had her PIP implants inserted. Mr. Richards introduces the procedure and makes dashed lines across the scars, whilst explaining what he will do during the surgery.

The procedure will be to remove her PIP implants, and lift her nipples a bit as they have drooped over time. Mr. Richards will re-fashion the breast tissue to create a more compact shape once the implants have been removed.

Firstly the right implant is removed through a very very small transverse scar. We are told this was possible due to the fact the implant itself is actually quite small, only 225cc. It is a low profile implant, and is still in tact, which for a PIP is something to shout about.  Next we skip to when Mr. Richards has cut the skin away, and he explains the next part of the procedure. He will sew the nipple up, giving it a lift, and then tether the skin on the breast together to create a vertical scar. This part of the surgery is skipped over, but we do get to see the finished breast before it has surgical tape applied. The remainder of the surgery is skipped over and we see a final appearance, which we feel our patient will be happy with.

We briefly look at the implants, and even though they are in tact, they both have deflated and show significant amount of gel bleed. They are different sizes too, which is worth noting, with the left implant at 265cc and the right implant at 225cc.