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In this video Mr. Richards decided to analyse the breast implants following the surgery having not actually filmed any of the surgery. He informs us that the implants were inserted back in 1999, and our patient was unaware of what type of implants she had. Having attempted to find out by contacting her original surgeon, she was sadly none the wiser and came to Aurora for removal as she was concerned about a ruptured implant, which she had discovered when having a scan. Clearly it is a worry when you have a ruptured implant, especially as it is most likely going to be a PIP.

On the right hand side she had developed a grade 3 capsule, which Mr. Richards tells us is very firm and painful, as well as being tight and squashed out of shape. The left side, which she knew was ruptured because of her scan did turn out to be a PIP. The implant on the right however was not a PIP, which is highly unusual to find two different breast implant brands in the same person. They were also different sizes, with the PIP actually being 350cc and the other, which is unknown as a brand.

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