Breast Implant Replacement – Unilateral PIP Rupture

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The surgery is already well on its way by the time we start the video. It is a breast implant replacement procedure, removing PIP implants, one of them which is ruptured. Our first clip we see is of creamy fluid trickling out of the breast, from a ruptured PIP.

Next the pocket is enlarged a bit, so Mr. Richards can feel around for, and then remove the implant. To minimise the scarring he will keep the incision as small as he physcially can, and usually manages to keep it to between 4 and 4.5cm, which is far shorter than the average which is around 6cm.

Mr. Richards then looks at the implant to see where the rupture point is, and as he puts it under tension, we see silicone popping through 4 or 5 very small holes in the implant. When comparing the implants at the end of the procedure, we see the rupture has merged into one larger hole, which is because of the tension Mr. Richards put the implant under. This wasn’t brute force, just a gentle squeeze, which mimics the tension the implant would receive had it been still inside our patient. Inevitably these ruptures would have merged together and continued to spread, and we know this from the experiments in this video, and of course the huge catalogue of PIP ruptures we have on video.

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