Breast Reduction and Liposuction surgery part 1

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Our expert Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards is the Medical Director for The Private Clinic. Clinics are located in BirminghamBristolBuckinghamshireGlasgowLondon Harley StreetLeedsManchester and Northampton.

This video is of a bilateral breast reduction surgery, which is being combined with some liposuction on the flanks of our patient’s breasts. We go into good depth during this surgery, so we have split it up into three different parts.
We begin the video with Mr Richards going over the markings he has already made, to make sure they are clearly visible. The markings can fade during the prepping process so that is why he draws over them. He also checks his measurements are accurate before starting cutting. He makes some slight ammendments, before showing us the points that will eventually join up once all the tissue has been removed. We are also shown where the nipple will be moved to, and the “pedicle” is drawn around to highlight the area of the breast that will stay connected to the nipple and keep it supplied with blood during the surgery.
Next, Mr Richards makes a few small holes in order to inject a local anaesthetic and adrenaline solution. The large and wide needle is rather blunt, is shown to the camera, and Mr Richards injects into nothing so we can see the way the solution sprinkles out of the end. It is designed this way, so it covers a larger surface area. As Mr Richards tries to insert it, the holes he has made aren’t quite big enough, so he has to get the scissors and widen the holes. The solution is injected as the needle is drawn out of the breast, so it leaves a trail, and covers the whole breast.
Mr Richards and Aggie converse as he does this, about the pain of a breast reduction procedure. It is actually a common misconception that a reduction is more painful than an enlargement. Even though a reduction leaves more scarring and appears a lot more invasive, the recovery time, and pain is largely the same as a breast augmentation.
Next, the nipple marker is used. It is inked up, and placed on the nipple to create a perfect circle around the areola. Once this is applied, the mark is drawn around to make it a bit larger, as the skin was on stretch, and when it is on slack, it becomes a bit smaller.
Now Mr Richards is ready to begin cutting. He starts around the areola, and proceeds to continue along the rest of the markings. As this is being done, he talks about joining up in the middle. He believes you get a better fullness, even though it is not a very common technique amongst many surgeons.