Breast Reduction and Liposuction surgery part 2

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This is part 2 of 3, in this surgery video of a breast reduction and liposuction combination of procedures.
We begin part 2 literally where we left part 1. Mr Richards is removing the top layer of skin on the tissue they are keeping but also burying. As it is being buried, the top layer of skin needs to be removed because it can secrete bodily fluids. The skin being removed is called the epidermis and the process of removing it is called de-epithelialising. The deeper layers of skin have to be preserved as this is where the blood supply comes from.
Next, Mr Richards uses the diathermy, which cauterises the blood vessels. Aggie and Mr Richards talk about this for the purposes of the camera. Our patients are warned not to wear body moisturiser as it can have a higher risk of getting a burn. The patient will have an earthing plate on their legs, so the electricity goes in through the diathermy and out through the plate on the legs. It is also important that patients don’t wear anything metal during the surgery, so all piercings need to be removed.
Moving on in the surgery, Mr Richards holds the tissue still connected, and moves it to its new position so we can see the process for ourselves. Mr Richards goes on to talk about the importance of having a good team around you as a surgeon, naming his team, and stating how experienced they are. They go on to talk about the average length for a breast reduction procedure, and usually it takes between an hour and a half, and two hours. It does usually take closer to two hours, than an hour and a half. This surgery will probably take a little bit longer, as they are performing liposuction on the flanks.
Mr Richards finishes cutting the tissue to be removed, and puts it back into place as it was prior to surgery. Then he removes it all for the camera, so we can see the areas of breast tissue that has been removed. He guesses that it will weigh around 700g. Mr Richards then begins to apply the first layer of stitches, which we don’t show all of, just a few seconds every few minutes as it is quite a slow process.