Breast Reduction and Liposuction surgery part 3

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This 3 part breast reduction and liposuction surgery video continues pretty much where we ended things in part 2. The breast itself is still having the inital stitches applied, with the vertical scar the part of the breast being worked on to begin with here. Mr Richards then moves onto the nipple, stitching initial points in position, using the marks he made with the ink earlier by pricking the areola in the position of 12, 3, 6 and 9, if you thought about the areola like the face of a clock.
The team discuss the problems our patient had, which were the primary reasons for her getting the surgery. She suffered quite severely with backache. She had issues when it came to buying clothes, as she isn’t very tall, but because of her large breasts she needed sizes far too big for her. Finally she also complained about having difficulty breathing when she was lay flat on her back, as the weight of her breasts pressed on her lungs.
The initial layer of stitching is finished, but it needs another layer to neaten and tighten up the wounds. A gap has been left purposefully on the flank to enable access to perform liposuction. He uses some local anaesthetic and adrenaline again before using the liposuction tool to perform the procedure.
Mr Richards then gets the cutting diathermy to trim off a few excess areas of fat, before doing the rest of the stitching on the breast.
Both breasts are compared at this stage, with one being completed and the other yet to be started. We skip the surgery on the other breast and literally see Aggie applying the surgical glue at the end of the operation. The breast tissue removed weighed 830 grams for the right and 867 for the left at first before a little more was taken so it finished at 885g.
We then see the surgical tape being applied, and then skip on to the end result. The patient has a much smaller bust, but with a good shape still, and also good volume. The symmetry looks good, so overall a successful operation with some great results.