Breast Reduction Surgery – K Cup to a D Cup

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Our expert Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards is the Medical Director for The Private Clinic. Clinics are located in BirminghamBristolBuckinghamshireGlasgowLondon Harley StreetLeedsManchester and Northampton.

This is a surgery video of a breast reduction, with the breasts being reduced from a K to a D. We begin the video with Mr. Richards talking about the patient and the procedure. He will be using a standard superomedial pedicle technique, which is where the blood comes from the area he shows us and is shaded. The pedicle is the bridge of tissue which allows blood to flow in and out of the nipple as it stays connected. It is called superomedial because it is halfway between north which is superior and medial which is the middle so it is called superomedial. Mr. Richards also uses an analogy, explaining if you think of it like a compass then it would be considered north-east. Other surgeons often use a technique called the inferior pedicle and he draws onto the breast where this would roughly be. He doesn’t really like this technique as it can leave the breasts in a less than ideal shape, with something called bottoming out. Also the blood has to travel twice as far to the nipple, and Mr. Richards doesn’t like this, and believes the superomedial technique is the best and safest.

The tissue that will be removed is highlighted and shaded in by Mr. Richards for the benefit of the viewer and then shows us which points he will sew together. The cutting itself is skipped and we pick the video back up with Mr. Richards removing the tissue, stating it will be weighed to compare with the other side and as he puts it in a kidney dish we see it fills the entire thing. He shows us how the nipple rotates and then stitches everything up off camera before we see the finished results for this side.

Then the two breasts are compared, with one being finished and the other yet to be started. The side yet to be started is actually slightly bigger, so he will aim to take a bit more off this side to try and achieve a better symmetry for our patient.

The rest of the operation is skipped over with the final results being shown to us. Over 3 kg of tissue was removed in total, which is close to 7 lbs which is half a stone.