Catastrophic Single PIP Rupture

This patient came in for PIP removal and replacement as she was worried about the durability of her implants, with PIPs making the news and generally being substandard.
Immediately, prior to the implant actually being removed it is very clear to surgical expert Adrian Richards that the implant was ruptured. The fluid that came out of the breast pocket was what made this apparent, as it is the norm for a ruptured PIP to produce this unique fluid.
The implant itself was in a terrible state of repair, meaning this patient was correct in getting her implants replaced before it inevitably became worse and worse. As soon as a PIP rupture begins, it continues to disintegrate at an alarming rate.
The left implant was still in tact, with the customary gel bleed, but surprisingly there wan’t too much deflation, for a PIP, but there was still deflation there.
It is quite common for PIP implants to be at completely opposite ends of the scale in regards to the rupture, which is why we believe it is imperative that all women, who know or think they have PIPs go and get themselves checked out, by having a scan at the very least.
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