Double PIP Rupture

This double PIP rupture is yet another case of the dreaded PIP implants.

Our patient in this video had 405cc PIP implants inserted in 2006 and has come in for a replacement today. Scans have indicated that both implants seem to be ruptured.

Firstly Mr Richards measures the old scar ready for removal and notices it is 6cm instead of 4.5cm which is the size he is happier working with to give the patient a better result and shorter scar.

As Mr Richards opens up the breast he originally states he doesn’t think this implant is ruptured, as he wasn’t greeted with copious amounts of thick creamy fluid instantly which he has seen on previous patients. There was some fluid, but it appeared to just be gel bleed instead of rupture fluid at first inspection.

Upon removal of the implant it is very obviously ruptured, as the casing was split, and shown to the camera by Mr Richards so we can see where the rupture originated. However is was unusual as we didn’t see the thick creamy fluid, and the implant hadn’t gone a deep shade of yellow, it just had a mild tint, which leads us to believe it was normal medical grade silicone, but just had a weak shell.

There was more fluid on the left breast, which led Mr Richards to anticipate this implant was also ruptured. There was a considerable amount of fluid in the small container, and as Mr Richards opens up the pocket a bit more he states it seems quite a bad rupture and he could see a lot more fluid.

Upon removal we see the implant is ruptured in a similar manner to the right one, but it is in a worse condition, so it was probably ruptured before the right one.

A very similar pattern of rupture is evident, so this leads us to anticipate that had they gone untreated the right implant would have deteriorated to the state of the left one upon removal and naturally the left would have become even worse. The speed of PIP rupture and the deterioration of the implants is still unknown, so we can only guess at how they would have looked a few months down the line.

As usual Mr Richards analyses the implants at the end of the video and we see the left implant rupture is worse. They had completely different batch numbers yet there was a distinct similarity in the type of rupture which once again proves the only thing consistent of PIP implants is the fact they rupture and are unpredictable.

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