Extremely Severe Double PIP Rupture

Our patient in this video had ultra high 315cc PIP implants inserted in 2007. A scan has shown that the implants might be ruptured, and the patient themselves stated that they reached up, and felt something, move within her breast, which sounds very much like a rupture.
Mr Adrian Richards introduces the video with this information, and then gets straight onto the operation. The right implant which was removed first was very obviously ruptured and Mr Richards was aware of this prior to it being removed as he opened up the pocket in the breast he was met by the customary thick creamy fluid which is a tell tale sign that the PIP implant is indeed ruptured. Mr Richards sucks out all of the residual fluid and even gets pieces of free silicone, which reinforces the notion that we have a PIP rupture. Upon removal of the right implant it is clearly ruptured and in a very bad way with part of the implant nearly separating itself from the rest of the implant.
The left implant was much of the same, with the pocket being opened up to remove the implant, the thick creamy fluid flowed out of the breast meaning that the left implant seemed to be in similar state to the right. Mr Richards again had to get the sucker out to remove the fluid and free silicone within the breast. This implant was ruptured in a different way, not as severe as the right implant, but still in quite a severe state, and both implants seem to have a rupture that originated in the same place.
Mr Richards looks at the implants afterwards and notices the rupture on both implants is in a triangular shape, with quite a similar pattern of rupture despite being completely different batch and lot numbers. This only serves to emphasise the dangers of PIP implants and the horrors they can bring.
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