PIP Implant Replacement and Scar Revision

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This is a surgery video which involves PIP implant replacement and scar revision from a previous mastopexy our patient had at another clinic. We start off the video with Mr. Richards introducing the patient, stating she had her PIPs inserted in 2007 and they were 250cc in size. In the same procedure, she had a mastopexy, which in Mr. Richards’ opinion was done terribly, and he says the scarring on both sides is atrocious. The nipple on the right hand side is also too low, which means it looks quite asymmetrical, so the aim is to correct this asymmetry, tidy up all the scarring and also increase her bust size.

We move on in the video and Mr. Richards shows us his markings, and explains what he will be doing during the surgery, showing us which points he will sew together and where he will be moving the nipple too. The next clip shows the implant being removed, and we see a huge amount of gel bleed and deflation from the implant, but it is not ruptured, which is technically a big positive when it comes to PIP implants. The next clip we see, the skin within the markings around the areola and on the breast has been removed. We are then shown which points will join up, all the while Mr. Richards is talking through what he is doing, and what he will do during the surgery. The rest of the surgery is pretty much skipped over, but we do see the final appearance of this breast, which looks much better than before, a smaller and neater areola, and some tight scarring which should fade very nicely. The rest of the procedure is skipped, and we see the final appearance with the surgical tape applied, before taking a quick look at the implants. They are both very deflated and have a lot of gel bleed.