Severe Single PIP Rupture

This patient had 310cc PIP implants inserted in 2004 and came to Aurora for removal and replacement in 2012.
There was a severe PIP rupture in the right breast, and it was evident as soon as the pocket to the breast was opened with a thick fluid oozing out. The rupture was severe, with the implant not being in its original form, and having to be help together in shape by Adrian Richards. The rupture had left the implant in one piece still, but it wouldn’t have been long before that specific segment of the implant had come away completely. There was also a small second area of rupture, which wasn’t obvious at first, but was noticed upon a closer inspection after removal.
The left breast implant didn’t have any rupture and was just a classic case of gel bleed and deflation which we see with nearly all of the PIPs we remove, unless of course they are ruptured.
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