Split PIP Implant

Our patient in this video had 495cc PIP implants inserted in 2006. A scan has shown that the left implant might be ruptured, so during the exchange Mr Richards will examine the implants as usual to determine if there indeed is a rupture.
Mr Adrian Richards introduces the video with this information, and then gets straight onto the operation. The right implant which was removed first was simply just deflated, with a small amount of rippling and the customary gel bleed. As we have stated before, this is a “best case scenario” for your PIP implants.
The left PIP implant was very clearly ruptured. As soon as Mr Richards opened up the pocket, he immediately reached for a container to catch the fluid that was exiting the breast. He goes on to clean out the breast pocket, before inserting the new implant.
There seemed to be more fluid than usual, as a lot gushed out into the container to begin with, and then Mr Richards had to go back for more, with the sucker to thoroughly clean out the breast. As he was cleaning the breast he can see the implant and part of the rupture and tells the camera that it is quite a bad rupture. No rupture is ever good, but it was clear even still within the breast that this was worse than your average PIP implant rupture.
Upon removal we can see the PIP implant is completely split into two parts, only being held together by the silicone inside the implant, which tears and breaks apart very easily.
Mr Richards looks at the implants afterwards and from viewing other procedures and PIP ruptures we know the implant goes a dark shade of yellow when it has ruptured due to the bodily fluids mixing with the silicone. This ruptured implant doesn’t seem to have gone too yellow, which leads us to believe it was a recent rupture that deteriorated at an alarming rate.
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