Torn PIP Implant

Our patient in this video had 295cc PIP implants inserted in 2006. A scan has indicated that the right implant may very well be ruptured and she also has some distortion on the left hand side.
Mr Richards introduces the video and then gets straight on with the operation, talking through it as he goes. He starts with the right breast, the one suspected of rupture, and as he makes the pocket in the breast, thick creamy fluid oozes out, signifying that this implant is most definitely ruptured. As Mr Richards was draining the breast of the creamy fluid, he noticed some free silicone, meaning the implant was 100% ruptured.
Upon removing the implant we see it has lost a lot of its exterior casing, completely detaching itself from the silicone within.
The left implant was in tact, with no creamy fluid around it, and just the usual case of deflation and gel bleed. The distortion the patient experienced in her left breast was due to the gel bleed and deflation of the implant.
At the end of the operation Mr Richards compares the implants, and notices they were made at the same time as they share a batch number. This is quite worrying, as two implants made at the same time couldn’t be more opposite in their current states. This just goes on to emphasise the dangers of PIP implants, and the unpredictable nature of them.
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