Deflated PIP Implant Removal & Replacement

Having had her PIP silicone implants inserted in 2002, this patient noticed that the volume of her breasts has reduced over time. She came to see Mr. Adrian Richards at Aurora clinics in Buckinghamshire right after the PIP manufacturers have been exposed for using industrial silicone to produce these breast implants as she had serious concerns about her health. During surgery, the removed  PIP implants confirmed our patient’s worries that they were leaking silicone through the outer shell and have lost almost a third of their initial volume, which we have seen with most of them. Aurora’s patient had her PIP implants replaced with high quality Nagor silicone implants and is recovering well prior to surgery. For more information on PIP implant removal procedures or should you wish to book a free consultation with any of our highly specialised plastic surgeons, please call our Free number 0800 328 5743