Dermaroller Facial Treatment at Aurora Clinics

This Dermaroller Facial Treatment  was performed at Aurora clinics by our specialised Aesthetic Practitioner Libby Stewart.The Dermaroller uses very small needles to stimulate the skin.For many years Mesotherapy has been a very popular treatment on the Continent. This works by using very small needles to inject vitamins into the upper layers of the skin. Recently, there has been evidence that it may be the injections themselves producing the skin rejuvenation.This works because, when naturally stimulated by extremely fine needle-pricks, skin develops more collagen.Collagen is the basic building-block of skin and youthful skin is characterised by abundant collagen growth.Therefore, naturally stimulating collagen production using the Dermaroller results in a younger, fresher, healthier and more vibrant appearance.The Dermaroller contains microsurgical precision needles mounted around a rolling device.The tiny needles on the device rotate and penetrate the skin to a depth of approximately 1.5mm