Double PIP Implant Rupture – Removed and Replaced through the Areola

Our patient in this video has PIP implants. She has come to Aurora for them to be replaced, by our surgical director of Aurora Clinics, Adrian Richards. The patient had her previous implants inserted through a semi circle shaped incision around the base of the areola, and has requested the same scar and incision to be used for her replacement procedure.
Mr Richards had to suck out a lot of fluid from the breast before removing the first implant. This signifies that the implant in question is ruptured and as it is removed, we see it is ruptured, quite small around the base of the implant. Mr Richards then inserts the inflatable sizer, and inflates it filling the breast to a good size in his opinion. The size of implant to be used will be 365cc.
The left breast is similar to the right, with lots of the customary creamy fluid required to be sucked out before the implant was removed. This implant had a more advanced rupture, with a lot more free standing silicone and a much larger split around the baseplate. It was very clear the rupture was more advanced as it was a much darker colour, closer to the yellow shade we expect from a reasonably advanced ruptured PIP implant.
Mr Richards compares the implants at the end of the procedure, and in reality, all that is to be said, has already. PIPs are dangerous and the longer you keep them inside you, the higher the chance of a rupture and some health issues as a result.