Early PIP Implant Rupture

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Our patient in this video came for replacement of her PIP implants as she had some swelling on the right hand side and was concerned she may have a rupture. The implant from the right hand side was removed and it was not ruptured, and only had a small amount of gel bleed, so for a PIP implant it was actually in great condition compared to others we have seen. Arguably one of the best we have seen removed. Our patient had no symptoms on the left hand side but upon opening the breast pocket, we see lots of creamy fluid which is pretty much a certain sign that the implant is ruptured. The implant was actually upside down, and also did have a small rupture in the back of the implant. Mr Richards squeezes the implant to show where the rupture is. As he does this the rupture gets slightly bigger so he explains the strain that the implant is under each time the body moves. This is in depth and provides an excellent insight into how the implants come under constant strain from regular physical activties. It is also even more alarming at how easy it was for the implant rupture to spread, which goes to show an early rupture can become an advanced rupture in a very short space of time.