Extended Abdominoplasty

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This surgery video is of an extended abdominoplasty. The reason it is called an extended version of the surgery, is because a section of tissue is taken off the flanks as well. For this to happen the patient needs to be lay on their side, so the surgery itself takes a lot longer, as the patient has to be moved and repositioned twice throughout the surgery

Our patient has chosen an extended tummy tuck as she has lost a lot of weight, around 7 stone which has left her with lots of excess skin. Normally after a pregnancy, the majority of the excess weight is around the front, which is why a traditional tummy tuck normally suffices to get rid of excess sagging skin. In this situation with the patient losing a lot of weight from all around, she has excess skin in other areas which needs to be rectified.

The patient is currently on her side at this point, with Mr. Richards shading in the area he will remove as he explains the procedure.

The part where it is removed is skipped and we see the side has been fully dressed and stitched with Mr. Richards holding the skin and tissue he has just removed. The other side is skipped as well as the main tummy area before we see the end results and the large section of skin and fat that was removed from the front.