Identical Double PIP Rupture

This is a surgery video for an implant removal and replacement procedure ivolving the infamous PIP implants.
This lady had 295cc implants inserted in 2004. She wants them replaced, as she is concerned about the possibility of ruptures. She also wants a similar sized implant, as she is happy with her current size.
Adrian Richards, the surgical director of Aurora Clinics introduces the video is his usual fashion, and then moves onto the procedure itself. We begin on the right hand side, and instantly we see the creamy fluid which is a classic sign that the implant is ruptured. As the implant is removed from the breast Mr Richards shows it to the camera, and it is clearly ruptured. We see a large split which looked as if it originated from the baseplate, which is where most PIPs rupture.
As Mr Richards moves onto the left, again it is clearly ruptured, but this time we know because he is greeted with free standing silicone, which should be contained within the breast implant shell. Again after it is removed, we see the implant, and the rupture and it looks very much like the other implant, with the same origin of rupture and a similar rate of deterioration.
Mr Richards compares the implant at the end of the video in his usual manner. The implants are positioned so the rupture is visible on both implants, and the ruptures are virtually identical. One of the implants might be a few days ahead of the other, but it appears as they ruptured at the same time, and deteriorated at the same pace, leaving two ruptures virtually identical. When comparing the lot and batch numbers we see they are completely different, so it is hard to take anything away from this that we didn’t already know. We’ve said this many times before, but PIP implants are simply below par and inconsistent, no lot and batch number is safe, and even a horrific rupture from a lot and batch number can have a non rupture from the same batch, removed from the same patient.