Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery part 1


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This is another one of our in depth surgery series. In this video we are bringing you an implant removal, and a mastopexy procedure. It is reasonably common when women get to a certain point in their life when their implants make them look out of proportion, or they have just had enough of them and don’t want them anymore. It isn’t documented as well as replacement of implants surgery, or breast enlargement, so we felt it was appropriate to create an in depth episode to inform you about the possibilities and options you have when it comes to implant replacement.

Our patient here has had previous surgeries elsewhere, one of them being a mastopexy around 20 years ago, and then within the last 5 years she also had breast implants put in.

Mr. Richards informs us he made the markings on our patient whilst she was stood up, as gravity alters the breast position. The right nipple is 17.5cm from the sternal notch, whereas the left nipple is 19.5cm so it needs lifting a bit more.

Mr. Richards also tells us about the rough guide he has marked out in anticipation of removing this amount, but he isn’t sure what size the implants are, so this is only an estimate and will potentially be altered once the size of the implants is determined.

The top layer of skin is removed first by Mr. Richards, carefully cutting around the nipple and over his markings. This process is called de-epithelialization. Next Mr. Richards calls for the ink and needle, where he will make 4 points on the nipple, as marks, using his classic clock metaphor which you will certainly be familiar with if you have seen previous videos on our website.

This pretty much is the end of this part of the surgery, and we will see you over at part 2 shortly.

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