Implant Removal and Mastopexy Surgery part 2

This is part two of our in depth implant removal and mastopexy surgery.

We start part two with Mr. Richards tethering together the vertical scar of the breast. He is explaining his process as he does it, and even informs us he is doing an ‘Aberdeen knot’ which he also explains how to do. As he is performing the surgery, he is chatting with his team and says he believes he can create a shorter transverse scar than he had originally anticipated based on how the surgery is progressing.

As Mr. Richards is sewing up the transverse scar, we skip portions of the surgery, as we can’t really see anything because Mr. Richards is leaning in and blocking the view. Obviously this can’t be helped, as the position of the surgeon is above all the most important thing. After the transverse scar has been sewn up we move up to the nipple and areola. Mr. Richards talks as he stitches and before long this has also been completed. The final action of this part of the video is the untethering of the vertical scar, so it can be sewn up neatly. We finish the video as Mr. Richards is working on this section of the breast.

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