Implant Removal and Replacement – Catastrophic singular PIP Rupture

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Here we have a PIP rupture surgery video, which contains two implants at completely opposite ends of the scale, with one completely in tact and the other horrifically ruptured.
The patient in this video had her breast enlargement surgery back in 2004, and from an ultra-sound scan we suspect that the left one if ruptured. We were also told, by the patient that she felt a popping sensation in her right breast, so she thinks that one could also be ruptured.
The we begin thie video of the procedure, Mr Richards informs us of the patient history as he removes the old scar. He then uses the cutting diathermy to break through the capsule and cut down onto the implant. As he gets through, we believe the implant is in tact as there is no sign of any creamy fluid, and in every ruptured case we have seen, no matter how small or recent the rupture is, we always see creamy fluid.
As it is removed, we can confirm it is a PIP, and it is in tact, with just some typical deflation at the top. Mr Richards also tells us it is 290cc. Skipping over to the other breast, we can see instantly that the implant is ruptured, as creamy fluid is literally pouring out of the pocket. This confirms that the scan was correct, so all we have to do now is remove the implant and see what the actual state of it is.
We then skip to the end of the operation, with Mr Richards comparing the two implants. He touches upon the in tact one before swiftly moving onto the ruptured implant. It has to be contained in a kidney dish as it has no form or structure anymore. Mr Richards picks the shell out in multiple pieces, showing the main part having split and tear marks across it, almost in the shape of a triangle. He also goes on to say this is probably one of the worst ruptures we have seen, and we can probably say it is the worst single rupture we have seen, where the other implant is in such good condition for a PIP. This video contains arguably the biggest contrast in the implants to date.