Implant Removal and Replacement of 410cc Silicone Implants

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This video is of an implant removal and replacement of 410cc breast implants. We are told by Mr. Richards that our patient had silicone implants, then had a change to saline, then went back to silicone. There is also a suspicion that the left implant is ruptured, which flags up the danger of the implant being a PIP. If indeed there is a rupture, then we can suspect with confidence that it is a PIP implant.

The right implant is removed, and is in tact so this part of the surgery was skipped over and we pick the video up again with Mr. Richards cutting into the left breast. As the pocket opens up, we see the yellow fluid we expected, which means that the implant is indeed ruptured, and it is also definitely a PIP.

After it is removed we see the implant is very yellow, which is very characteristic of a ruptured PIP implant. Mr. Richards completes the surgery off camera before showing us the implants at the end of the surgery. The implant is squeezed and silicone literally oozes out of the hole, and makes it bigger. This shows how easy a rupture can spread in a PIP implant because of how weak the shell is.

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