Implant Removal and Replacement of intact PIP Implants

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In this surgery video, we see an implant removal and replacement surgery video of PIP implants, that are intact on both sides. The video is introduced by Mr Richards, as he tells us our patient has had some bad luck with breast implants over the years. In the late 1990’s she had trilucent implants, which were the soya bean implants which had problems so she had to have them replaced. Unfortunately, they were replaced with PIPs, which we all know by now are probably the worst breast implants that ever made it to market. Despite them being inserted before anyone knew the dangers, our patient was not happy as she had implants inserted that were far bigger than she had requested. She is finally going to get a decent set of implants now, she will be having 365cc implants inserted to match the original size of her first surgery.

The surgery actually starts, and Mr Richards, of course, looks at the scar first of all. Mr Richards likes to work with scars as small as possible, usually around the 4.5cm mark, which is actually smaller than most surgeons, and he is slightly critical of scars, anything above 6cm. However, he is very right to be critical of this scar as it is around 9cm. Being double the length of Mr Richards’ standard scar length, he will not be able to reduce it to what he would like, but he will be able to remove it and stitch in a bit tightening the lower breast and shortening the scar that way.

We skip forward, and the first implant has been removed and shown to the camera. We can clearly see that there is a huge amount of deflation in the upper portion of the implant, and the gel bleed can also be seen sticking to Mr Richards’ gloves as he moves his hands off the implant shell. The size of the PIP removed was 430cc which is a hell of a lot bigger than the 365cc our patient requested.

Moving on to the other side, and Mr Richards feels the need to discuss the scar again. Once again he gets out his ruler and goes to measure it. He thinks it will exceed the 9cm scar from the other side, and sure enough, it does, marginally short of 10cm. According to Mr Richards, this is the biggest scar he has ever seen on breast augmentation. The implant is then removed, and it is looking very similar to the other one. Large amounts of deflation and gel bleed, but no rupture, which we believe is a small positive our patient can take out of this.

We move on to the end results, with our patient having less volume but a more natural appearance in her bust. The implants are compared afterwards, checking the deflation and gel bleed, and also we are told they are early style PIPs as the base-plate on the back has a small ridge. The writing on the back is angled against the light so we can see it as the viewer.

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