Implant Removal and Replacement of upside down Implants

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At the beginning of this surgery video, Mr. Richards introduces the patient and the procedure as she is laying on the operating table. It is an implant removal and replacement surgery, and the reason she wants them exchanged is because over the years she feels they have deflated to a degree. She has informed Mr. Richards about some small rippling, which you can see through the breast tissue and Mr. Richards does his best to show this for the benefit of the camera. The patient wants a fuller appearance post surgery, so to achieve this she is having a slightly larger implant inserted.

When the first implant is removed, it is actually upside down, which can happen from time to time with implants. This also explains the odd positioning of it, and the shape and rippling we could see in the breast. As we continue on to the second implant, Mr. Richards can feel it is very constricted before he pulls it out. This one is also upside down, which is very rare. Both implants being upside down is something that is a very rare occurrence and you can hear the shock and surprise in Aggie and Mr. Richards voices.

It is highly unusual for this to happen, and we suspect it happened naturally over a period of time. There is a small chance that they could have been put in upside down, but it would be very unlikely, and is probably that they naturally rotated over the years.