Implant Removal and Replacement Surgery – Unilateral Rupture

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This is a surgery video of an implant removal and replacement procedure, and it is picked up half way through the video because of a unilateral rupture. The right breast has already been completed, with the implant already removed and then replaced and finally stitched back up. The cavity for the left side is being made during the first clip of the video, and as soon as the pocket is opened, creamy fluid escapes, which is a certain sign that the implant is ruptured. When removing the implant, Mr. Richards is trying to take as much care as possible, as the shells to the PIP implants are very weak and flimsy, he doesn’t want to break the shell even more and end up with lots of small pieces within the breast still. The implant has a large split through it, all the way across the font, which is slightly unusual as an origin of rupture on PIP implants as the majority we have seen ruptured around the baseplate.

When looking at the two implants it is plain to see which is ruptured. The left implant only has some minor deflation and gel bleed, which is reasonably normal, whereas the right implant has split completely. As Mr. Richards messes around with it showing us the rupture origin small chunks of silicone fall out of the implant for us all to see.

This is why PIP implants have been banned and have been all over the news. The negatives of these breast implants are relentless, with new patients coming in everyday and having their ruptured PIPs removed. If you have PIPs, get them removed now, before they can rupture like this one.

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