Implant Removal and Replacement using the OCEAN™ Technique

Aurora as part of The Private Clinic no longer offers the OCEAN™ breast enlargement technique.

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In this surgery video, we show you an implant removal and replacement surgical procedure, using our new OCEAN™ technique.
We begin the video with our patient on the table, with the markngs already drawn on. Mr Richards talks through the process of the procedure, and the technique he will be using. He will leave the old scar as it is, and remove, and then insert the new implant through an incision made around the areola, which is called a peri-areola incision.
Our patient actually wants smaller implants than the ones she currently has, and she also has different sized ones in at the moment as she has breast asymmetry. The smaller implants will have to be kept proportionately different to achieve the symmetry she currently has.
We move on to where Mr Richards has already removed the top layer of skin, so the areola is now ready for the incision to be made. He makes the incision, and then removes the implant, off camera. We come back to see Mr Richards holding the implant, informing us it is rather slippy. The implant is slippy because of the gel bleed. We also see it is quite severely deflated, which are two very common characteristics of in tact PIP implants. We skip a huge chunk of the surgery, and pick it back up again with Mr Richards holding the second implant in his hands. Again it is slippy, because of the gel bleed, and we also see that once again, the implant has deflation.
We see the end results, taking a close look at the incision sites, and see the scar will be around the perimeter of the areola. The stitches are either permanent, or dissolvable, so nothing needs to be removed post surgery.
We see the implants after the surgery as usual, and when they are side by side we notice that one of them is slightly darker than the other. Normally this would signify a rupture, and would call for a more thorough inspection to find it. However, neither implant was ruptured, and we put the difference in colour down to the fact the implants were completely different sizes, with completely different lot and batch numbers. Overall, the implants are in a reasonable condition, considering they are PIPs. Neither ruptured, and just with some basic deflation and gel bleed, which for PIP implants is good. Sad that the standards are so low for PIPs, but the truth is, they could very easily have ruptured, and been a lot, lot worse.

Considering OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement surgery?

We no longer offer the OCEAN™ breast enlargement technique. Please see information above for Breast Enlargement and Breast Uplift procedures.