Implant Removal and Replacement – Very Early PIP Rupture

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This is an implant removal and replacement surgery video, containing the infamous PIP implants. Our patient had her implants inserted in 2005, and they are 270cc. The implants she is having inserted in place of her PIPs, are Nagors, and they will be a similar volume.
As the actual surgery gets underway, Mr Richards inspects the old scar, as usual, and notices it is rather wide, so it will be removed during the course of this procedure. The muscle will also be released so the implants sit lower in the breast pocket as our patient feels her implant sits too high up in her breast, and leaves her looking too full in the upper breast.
As the first breast capsule is opened, we see the dreaded creamy fluid which instantly tells us the implant is ruptured. There isn’t too much of the fluid, but there was some, which we don’t see around other implants, so we know, for a fact that the implant is ruptured. As it’s removed, we see the implant is in reasonable condition, with only a small rupture. Mr Richards finds the rupture, and pokes it with his forceps to show the camera. It is indeed an early rupture, which is likely to have happened in between the consultation and operation. We see the second implant is completely in tact as it is removed, with just some gel bleed. Overall this implant is in very good condition considering it is a PIP.
We see the end results once the surgery is completed, with our patient having good results, with her implants sitting lower in the breast pocket, preventing her implants from sitting too high as they did before. The implants are compared after the surgery, sharing the same lot number and similar batch numbers. We see the ruptured implant is a slightly darker colour, which would’ve been yellow had it been left in for another few weeks. We feel, despite the rupture, our patient in this video was reasonably lucky as she didn’t get any of the negative symptoms and side effects we commonly see from sufferers of ruptured PIPs.