Implant removal with Mastopexy (Double rupture – NON PIP)

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This video contains surgery footage, of a patient coming for removal of her breast implants, combining it with a breast uplift procedure. Mr Richards shows us his markings, informing us of the process he is going to follow for the surgery, along with showing the areas of skin to be removed during the mastopexy, and the position he will be moving the nipple in to.
Upon removal of the first implant, we see instantly it is very yellow, and it quickly is made apparent that it is indeed ruptured. However, there is no manufacturer on the back of the implant, which leads to some confusion. Mr Richards believes from his experience he could hazard a guess at the company, but doesn’t want to as he can’t be certain. We skip the remainder of the surgery, just seeing the end result with our patient in her tape and dressings to protect the incisions.
When comparing the implants after the operation, we see they are both rather yellow. The implants are 300cc, and both fail to have the implant manufacturer on. On a closer inspection we see they are both in fact ruptured, although they have ruptured and behaved in a very different way to PIPs, which leads us to believe it is safe to rule out PIPs as the implant manufacturer. There was also no yellow fluid we are used to seeing around ruptured PIPs, so we think it is the shell which is slightly below par for the implants rather than the silicone within.