Mastopexy Procedure performed by Adrian Richards at Aurora Clinics

This surgery video is of a Mastopexy, which is also known as a breast uplift. The surgery is already underway as we begin the video, with Mr Richards making his markings on the patient. This patient has previously had an uplift operation, which has healed reasonably well. Since this surgery though, her breast tissue has dropped, while the implant is still high up. Whilst lying down it is not easy to tell, but Mr Richards pushes down on the breast to simulate gravity as if the patient was stood or sat up. The skin inside the markings will be removed, and then stitched up bringing the breast in to create a more pert breast shape.
We then skip to when the top layer of skin has been removed, and Mr Richards shows us the points he will be joining back together initially before it is all sewn up. At the end of the procedure we see the great results for our patient, with her protective tape applied to her tighter and better shaped breasts.