OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement using Conical Implants part 3

Aurora as part of The Private Clinic no longer offers the OCEAN™ breast enlargement technique.

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Here we are in part 3 of our OCEAN™ technique surgery using conical implants. We pick up where we left part 2 with Mr. Georgeu creating the pockets. This part of the surgery took about half an hour, but due to the awkwardness of the angles and limited availability to see in what he was doing, this is skipped over showing only moments.

After this part has been completed, Mr. Georgeu looks over the marks and makes some fresh ones. He shows us the base of the breasts sit at two different levels, and measures to show us the difference. We are informed that there are things that can be done to rectify this, with the higher breast can have the fold released and lowered or the lower one can be stitched up and lifted. He gives us the pros and cons of this in the video before concluding that the only real option is using a fat transfer to make the symmetry look natural.

Next we see the breast being washed out and all the loose bits of fat are removed. This is done to make sure the chance of infection and capsular contracture are kept to an absolute minimum.

Next it is time for the implants to be inserted. As we have seen on another video of Mr. Georgeu, he uses a “no touch” technique. This is where he puts a plastic sleeve around the implant and inserts it through that so the implant doesn’t touch any part of the skin. However the incision is smaller than one he is used to so it looks like a bit of a struggle initially. After a few seconds he has worked it into the pocket, then does his repositioning, whilst the implant remains in the bag.

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Considering OCEAN™ Breast Enlargement surgery?

We no longer offer the OCEAN™ breast enlargement technique. Please see information above for Breast Enlargement and Breast Uplift procedures.