PIP Breast Implant Exchange Surgery & Scar Revision

Surgical video of PIP breast implant exchange procedure combined with a scar revision performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Adrian Richards of Aurora clinics in Northampton, UK.  This patient had a Breast Augmentation with PIP implants at a different clinic a few years ago, and she noticed changes in the shape of the breasts with time which now have a very unnatural look and is causing her concern. She also has a very poor breast implant scar, placed on the breast’s surface as opposed to the inframammary fold which keeps the scar concealed under the breast fold. To avoid creating another scar,  Aurora’s plastic surgeon Adrian Richards uses the old scar to insert the new 360cc Nagor silicone implants by removing the scar tissue and creating a very fine scar which after healing, it will be less visible that the old scar.
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