PIP Implant Removal and Replacement – Huge Rippling

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This is a surgery video, containing removal and replacement of PIP implants that showed huge rippling through the skin of the breast, leaving our patient with an unsightly bust. Our patient had 310cc PIPs inserted in 2010 in front of the muscle. Mr Richards discusses the options and expectations of the surgery, with one of the aims to remove the PIP implants and insert implants that don’t deflate and ripple. He will also look into placing the implants behind the muscle.

We move to the actual procedure, and the rippling is instantly noticeable. This is because our patient has very little coverage with natural breast tissue over the implant, therefore moving the implants under the muscle seems an appropriate course of action.

The patient has very wide looking cleavage, and this is because the PIPs are too narrow, especially for the pocket that has been created. The implant is removed and we see some huge deflation and rippling in it, as a result of the gel bleed.

Mr Richards moves the camera angle to show the new pocket he has created under the muscle. This will give a better coverage on the implant. An inflatable sizer is inserted too as the size still needs to be determined. Because of the narrow implant before leaving our patient with a wide cleavage, the implant inserted now will be wider and larger. Using the sizer Mr Richards moves up in 50cc each time until he reaches the final size of 450cc which he believes is a good size for the frame of our patient and will ultimately give her much better results in and out of clothes.

On the other side, Mr Richards shows us how little skin and breast tissue there is between the implant and the outside of the breast. He inserts his finger into the pocket and pokes the skin from the inside, and estimates it is only in the region of 3-4mm of skin. This is one of the reasons that the rippling was so evident with the PIPs. The implant is removed and it is in exactly the same condition as the one from the other side.

The end results are viewed, and it shows no rippling, and the actual size and shape looks far better, with a lot more volume in the centre. The implants are them compared, but show nothing exciting, just basic deflation and gel bleed, so Mr Richards shows us the extent and severity of the deflation. Under no circumstances are these anywhere near the worst PIPs we have removed, but still not in a good condition, but our patient should be thankful neither were ruptured and caused more issues.