PIP Implant Removal and Replacement Surgery – Single Rupture

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This is a surgical video of PIP implants being removed and replaced, with one of them being ruptured. Mr Richards introduces the video in his usual fashion, informing us the patient had 510cc PIPs inserted back in 2007. She has had an MRI scan recently which indicates that the right implant is ruptured. Of course, both implants will be removed in this video, and they will be replaced by slightly larger implants for a fuller appearance.

We skip on to the operation, with the old scar being inspected first of all. Mr Richards will remove this scar, before moving on to look at the rupture. There is swelling in the breast, very obvious in the upper part, which is where the fluid usually collects. From an external appearance, we could guess it is probably ruptured, based on the shape and swelling of the breast, but with the knowledge of the MRI as well, we know 100% it is a rupture.

We skip forward, and the scar has been removed. Mr Richards is ready to open a pocket, and has a pot ready to collect the creamy fluid. It instantly pours out as he breaches the cavity, and we know by now that this creamy fluid is a definite sign of a PIP rupture. The fluid is drained from the breast and collected in the pot, before being shown to the camera. The implant is then removed and we can see clearly the creamy fluid inside the shell. We can’t see the rupture straight away so he squeezes the implant to see where the fluid comes out from. Sure enough, shortly after squeezing, we manage to locate the rupture arounf the base-plate. It is also a very yellow colour, which is usual for a ruptured PIP, which is just another way we can tell the implant is ruptured. There must have been half a dozen instances with this implant where we knew it was ruptured, before ever actually seeing the rupture itself. The breast is cleaned up all off camera, then we see a short clip of Mr Richards preparing to put the new implant in.

We move over to the other side for the next clip, with a large portion of the procedure skipped over. The second implant has also been removed and Mr Richards is holding it up for the camera. Still its original colour, we can assume it is not ruptured. We are told it is intact, and we can also see the gel bleed and deflation within the implant.

We briefly see the end results, with our patient having a fuller appearance which suits her frame well. Looking at the implants at the end of the surgery, we compare the rupture to the non rupture, focusing more on the ruptured implant, as it has more to analyse.

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