PIP Implant Split

This lady had 270cc PIP implants inserted back in 2007. She has come in today for a removal and replacement of breast implants operation as she has had an ultrasound scan which shows an early indication which her left implant could be ruptured. She wants a fuller appearance in her bust post surgery, so she will have the inflatable sizer inserted, but as PIPs usually come our bigger than their cc size, we think 360cc Nagor implants will be a better fit for the patient.
As the right implant is removed, we just see deflation and gel bleed, which is a characteristic PIP that we see. The only time we don’t see deflation and gel bleed is when the implants are actually ruptured. The left implant is removed, and we see the creamy fluid which show the ultrasound was correct that the implant was ruptured. We see the rupture, and it has a split on the back of it, and with them being under the muscle of our patient, every time she moved it would have squeezed the implant, which over time would have made the rupture continually worse. We assume it is an early rupture, as the implant hasn’t discoloured and gone a dark shade of yellow which is usually the case with ruptured PIPs. The fluid from the left breast is sent off for analysis to determine how detrimental it can be for your health.
At the end of the procedure, Mr Richards shows us the final result before comparing the implants. He looks in more detail at the ruptured one, and squeezes it to show the silicone oozing out, which has to be wiped away after a few squeezes. This mimics the strain the implant would have been inside our patient, under the muscle, and it is pretty clear you wouldn’t want this silicone oozing out mixing with your bodily tissue. Overall we can conclude this video contains a PIP rupture, which met certain criteria for being a stereotypical PIP implant split, but also acted unusually in other ways. Once again the unpredictability of PIPs confuses us, and should certainly concern you, if you have them.
If you do have PIP implants, or suspect you do, come for a consultation and we can discuss your options through with you.