PIP Replacement Surgery – Single Implant Ruptured

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This video is of breast implant removal and replacement. The implants in question are the infamous PIP implants and one of them is ruptured.
The video begins with Mr Richards checking the old scar, and discussing the process he will go through during the surgery. He covers implant positioning, the current position of the implants, being behind the muscle. Our patient is having the implants in front of the muscle this time, based on advice during her consultation. The positive of this is she will be in less pain during her recovery process.
The first implant is removed, and it is still in tact, with the usual deflation and gel bleed. Mr Richards inserts the inflatable sizer, and sizes it bigger than the PIP he removed, which was 250cc, sizing the breast to 270cc. PIP Implants are usually bigger than their stated size, just another unpredictable characteristic of a below par implant. Mr Richards inserts a 270cc Nagor implant.
The left implant is then removed, and it is quite clearly ruptured. The base plate has a large split in it, although we didn’t see the usual amount of yellow fluid, which leads us to believe the silicone within the implant, was actually medical grade, and it was just the shell of the implant which was weaker. The implant shell had clearly been ruptured for a while as it was in an advanced state of rupture, with split in the implant casing visible from the front and from the back.