PIP Replacement – Undetected Rupture

This patient came in for a PIP replacement and during the course of surgery an undetected rupture was discovered.
This patient had her PIP implants at another clinic in 2008, and came to Aurora Clinics for removal and replacement in 2012.
During the surgery Mr Richards removes both PIPs, which are seemingly still intact. Apart from the regular gel bleed and deflation found in many PIP implants, they were not exhibiting obvious signs of rupture.
However, when Mr Richards looked at the implants after removal, he unearthed the beginnings of a rupture around the base plate. This was discovered as he was squeezing the PIPs, which he then took a closer look at and inserted his finger to show the depth and size of the rupture. Had this gone untreated it would have inevitably become worse and would have looked very much like some of the more severe PIP ruptures we have seen across our other videos.
Despite the fact that this patient’s implants had not shown signs of rupture inside her body, removal and replacement of the PIPs was clearly the correct decision.
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