Removal and Replacement of PIP Implants – Single Early Rupture

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This surgery video is of removal and replacement of PIP Implants. Mr Richards introduces the video and gives us some information about the patient. She had 390cc PIP implants inserted a few years ago, and wants a slightly larger implant put in to give a fuller appearance to her breasts.
As we move on to the actual surgery, Mr Richards begins talking about the old scar. He notes it has healed well, but he will be removing it as it is six and a half centimetres compared to the four to five centimetres we work with here at Aurora Clinics.
The first PIP is removed and it has folded inside. It is still in tact but has a very large quantity of gel bleed. We can see the stringyness and stickyness to the gel bleed as Mr Richards moves his hand away from the implant. Not the nicest implant to be removed, but it could have been a lot worse with PIPs.
The second breast is opened and Mr Richards instantly needs a container to collect the creamy fluid that oozed out of the breast. This is a definite sign of a rupture, and it is something we only ever see around PIP implants. After it is removed Mr Richards squeezes the implant to show us where the rupture originated from.
We skip to the end of the surgery with the patient having a fuller appearance and a better fit for her frame, more along the lines of what she wanted. We take a look at the two implants and the different colour is instantly noticeable. We see the rupture up close and can even see some of the creamy fluid still within the implant shell.
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