Removal and Replacement of PIP Implants – Very Severe Double Rupture

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In this surgery video we have a removal and replacement of some PIP implants. She had them in 2007, and doesn’t know the size. She has tried to find out, and been told different sizes from different people and only knows it is between 250cc and 315cc. Based on a scan she is aware both implants are ruptured, so she wants them removed as she is aware of the horrors that PIPs can bring.

Mr Richards, as always inspects the old scar first, which he sees is sitting rather laterally. This means it is going around the side of the breast rather than site centrally as it should do normally.

As the capsule is breached we see it is ruptured straight away. There isn’t as much creamy fluid as we would normally see, but there are lots of pieces of silicone coming out of the cavity. The breast is cleaned out, with the fluid and silicone coming out completely separately from the shell. We see the shell, in bits trying to be pieced back together, and all the remaining silicone sitting in a kidney dish. She has it cleaned out a 375cc breast implant.

Onto the other side and as the capsule is breached we see a lot of creamy fluid. There is a lot more than on the other side, and the fluid is literally pouring out of it into a pot. The implant is removed, and it still has a lot of silicone within the shell, although as it is removed, a large chunk of the implant just falls off.

The implants are then compared at the end of the procedure, and we see that the implant shell and silicone are in a kidney dish, each, and then there is also a pot of fluid that was collected. They share batch and lot numbers, so this means they were made at exactly the same time, and as they behaved in exactly the same way, we know this batch is one to look out for with caution.

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