Removal and Replacement of Shaped Breast Implants Combined with a Breast Uplift Procedure

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This surgery video contains removal and replacement of breast implants which is combined with a breast uplift procedure. The video is introduced by Mr Richards, informing us of the surgery he will be performing and a few bits of information about the patient. He says she is unaware of the implant size she currently has although thinks it is about 320cc. She is also wanting the capsule in her left breast released as it is constricting her implant and feeling very firm.
We begin the video of the operation with Mr Richards removing the first of the implants, which is in tact. The implant was 320cc’s in size as our patient originally thought, however we don’t know the make of the implant as it had no branding mark on the back of it. We swiftly move onto the second implant and immediately we see a substantial amount of blood, for an implant removal. The blood is actually within the capsule and we see it trickle out down the skin as Mr Richards is removing the implant. Mr Richards states how unusual this is, and the implant, upon removal is stained red with blood. The implant was also rotated 90 degrees and was in the wrong position, and he goes into more detail on how he knows this for the benefit of the camera.
We skip to the end result, with a much better shape and volume for our patient, and her breasts in a more elevated position courtesy of the mastopexy. Mr Richards compares the implants, focusing on the red stained implant more. He states, and shows a white mark at the base of the implant, saying it is there for the surgeon to know that this is the base of the implant and should be located at the base of the breast. He goes on to suspect that the blood, which was within the capsule, was probably in there for a long time, which could be the reason for the actual capsule forming, and definitely the reason the implant was stained red.