Ruptured PIP Implants Removal – A patient’s journey

The story of a Patient going through Ruptured PIP implants – removal and replacement surgery at Aurora clinics in High Wycombe. Our patient discusses how she tried to contact the medical company that inserted the PIP implants in the first place, the response she received from them, and what made her decide to choose Aurora clinics for her Implant Exchange Surgery. Her ultrasound scan revealed that her PIP breast implants are ruptured. Mr. Adrian Richards,  interviews the patient in her hospital room before going into surgery and explains each step of the procedure. During surgery, he explains  the dangers of the ruptured PIP implants as he removes them, showing runny silicone leaking out of the breast pocket, and the state of the ruptured implants.  He thoroughly washes the breast pocket and replaces the ruptured 270cc PIP implants with 420cc Nagor  silicone implants. The day after surgery, the  patient talks with Mr. Richards again about the procedure, how she is recovering, and the relief of having the ruptured PIP Implants removed at Aurora clinics in High Wycombe.
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