Ruptured PIP removal combined with a Breast Uplift

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This surgery video we have here combines the removal of PIP implants, and a breast uplift procedure. The video begins with our patient lay on the operating table, and Mr Richards talks us through the process, and explains what his markings mean in context of this surgery.
The next clip we see is of the first implant, already removed, and we can clearly see the state of it, being ruptured, quite severely. Mr Richards sees it, and describes the implant as if it has exploded. The shell of the implant has torn almost entirely in half, being held together by the tiniest section of shell at one point. The dark shade of yellow signify that this is not a new rupture, and the shell re-emphasises this.
We see the end of the first half of the surgery, with one breats completely finished. The breast has been stitched up, and we see the traditional uplift scars. At a guess, Mr Richards says this patient is around a C cup. All stitches used in this operation do not require removal as they are all absorbable.
We skip on, mainly to check the consistency of the second implant. This is not ruptured, but shows serious amounts of deflation and gel bleed. This is not an ideal condition for a PIP to be in, but in fairness, it is probably a best case scenario, especially compared to the first one.
The rest of the procedure is skipped, leaving just the results to be compared. The patient has already had the tape applied to the wounds. We take a short look at the implants too, which are different sizes. One is 310cc, which was the ruptured one, and the other is 290cc. The different sizes of implant mean they will have been different batch and lot numbers. Different batch and lot numbers react very differently we have found in the past, so it is not surprising at all to see these two implants reacting in completely different ways.