Severe Single PIP Breast Implant Rupture

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We dive straight in with the video, with the operation already well under way. Mr Richards has already removed the old scar, and Aggie, his assistant picks it up and shows it to the camera. The implant is then removed, and we don’t see any creamy fluid, so we believe it is in tact. Upon closer inspection we see that this is the case, with just the basic deflation and gel bleed. The size of the breast implant is then checked, as our patient didn’t know. She wants to go bigger too, so Mr Richards and Aggie both had a guess at the size prior to removal. The size is 285cc, which means Aggie won.
As soon as the capsule on the other side is opened we see creamy fluid and chunks of silicone ooze out of the breast. The small container gets full very quickly so a kidney dish is used to collect the rest of the fluid and silicone. The implant is then removed and we see a huge rupture all the way across the top side of the implant.
The new implants inserted into the patient were 445cc. The results are seen at the end of the operation, which show good symmetry, and a much better breast shape, with the higher volume implants.
At the end the two removed PIP implants are compared. One is pretty much fine, whilst the other is very yellow and in multiple pieces. It is clear to us that the rupture happened some considerable time ago. How long is something we cannot tell, but due to the integrity of the shell and shade of the implant and silicone, we can estimate it has been more like months rather than just weeks.

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